Leadership Experience

Back to Basics Leadership retreat, Camarillo, CA– March 2014

  • This was on campus leadership retreat that changed my life in various ways. In this retreat I was pushed to my limits and as learned what my leadership style is, which is being selfless. It was great participating in this retreat with other student leaders, because on a casual day I, or those students who were in the retreats, are ones who usually either take charge or keep things going. Overall this was the hardest experience I have ever encountered, but, by far has been one of the greatest decisions I have ever made.

Communications 101 – Spring 2014

  • Although this is not on my resume I wanted to mention this class because this class has contributed a big part in the person I am today. I say that because before taking this class I thought I was good public speaker, but after taking that class I learned so much. I learned how to present myself in a professional matter as well as how to properly speak in public. By the end of this class my confidence level boosted up a whole lot, which why I have to thank Dr. Sawyer for.

Migrant Student Leadership Institute, Camarillo, CA – Summer 2014

  • This was a job I had over summer here at CI, but I feel like I really flourished and used what I learned my first year to mentoring the students I had to take care of. Initially my job was just to see these students in the evening and make sure they abide by the housing rules. This is where I took my job a bit farther, I started hanging out with the students during the day, walking with them to class, eating with them at lunch, and talking to them at night when they had free time. I feel like this made them more comfortable coming to me to talk about personal life, which is what happened. To this day I keep in contact with the students that felt like they could connect with me. I am so glad that I decided to go beyond of what was expected of me for this.

Leaders in Education Awareness Program, Camarillo, CA – Fall 2014-Present

  • This program advocated higher education to children k-8. In our trainings we talk about social justics issues in the educational system, how we can better serve these students, and as well how to manage our own feelings whenever we get a new group of students on Fridays. Besides advocating for higher education my team I also expose these students to think outside the box about jobs, for example just because you major in psychology does not necessarily mean that you have to a therapist, there are many other jobs a person can do with a degree in psychology, such as social work or research analyst. I would not think of anything better I would voluntarily do on my Fridays.