LEAP Statement of Ethics

LEAP Mission Statement:

The Leaders in Education Awareness Program facilitates the college exploration process for elementary and middle school students by teaching students the basic foundation of higher education through interactive workshops and providing engaging tours of CI. In addition LEAP volunteers serve as leaders for visiting students and the campus community.

What is LEAP?

It is a student leadership program within University Outreach that seeks to develop both social and personal dimensions of each student leader in a team setting. These students are committed to social justice and embody a spirit of volunteerism.

I felt I could not give a Statement of Ethics without providing some background information about the peer group I belong to, alongside my coordinator, and peer, we came up with this Statement of Ethics for LEAP, explaining what we do and why we do, while using the mission and the definition of LEAP as the base/foundation for this statement:

In an effort to give back to the CI community, we abide by these ethics.

*Always create a positive environment/safe zone, for not only the children that we serve every Friday, but for our team as well. Try to make a big effort not to make someone uncomfortable.

*Impartiality, because by having so many students on campus, you never want to just favor one student or group that comes for a campus visit, to be fair minded of all students.

*Be a positive role model at all times, do not say inappropriate things in front of campus visitors, because that is not positive and people will think badly of you.

*Respect, constructive criticism is implemented a lot in LEAP, even if you do not always agree, you always must main professionalism and respect to what the other person is telling you, and instead of taking the wrong way, the the critique and internalize it for the future.

*Have patience,  not all groups that we serve are the easiest, some are more louder than others. Learning to have patience with the kids will go back to being a positive role model and creating a positive environment.

*Be the person you would want to look up to (if you were in middle school), this is just what it sounds like, if you were in middle school, what qualities would look for in a person? If you think that you yourself do not have these qualities, then the students you serve will notice that as well, you are your own best critique, use that as a tool to better yourself, so that someone else will want to say “I want to be like you when I grow up.”