My Self Assessment: My Strengths

I took the Values in Action Inventory of Strength assessment, which consisted of 120 question survey and at the end  tells you your 24 Character Strengths in order. The first three were Prudence, Hope and Love. I did not know what the word Prudence meant, and since it was my first strength that was listed I saw that it meant that I make very careful decisions/choices because I do not like to regret things later. After reading that, I reflected on my life and it was so true! I hate making decisions, especially ones that can go really really wrong or really good. I would I do agree with my results, no matter what obstacle comes across me I always try to solve it, and if there is no way of solving it then I do not stress about it because that will make me age faster, but also I know that not everything is worth stressing over. Love, I value my relationships with the people who value them just as much as they value the one they have with me. I love people, I consider myself a very people person, and although I know I cannot simply “love” someone as soon as I meet them, that can always change in the long run if our friendship-relationship continued.

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  1. Jaimie

    Bridget: Sounds like you discovered some great strengths about yourself. How do you think these relate to success in a leadership role?

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