Some identities that I identity myself with are:

  • Daughter
  • Friend
  • Sister
  • Student
  • Volunteer
  • Aunt

The identity I choose is being a college student. Although I was born into this world with no biases, or consciousness, since I was a little girl, my parents told me constantly that I will always go to college. Once I was a little older I got Socialized, around 13-14, one of my teachers recommended me for the AVID program and I got accepted, in which I was placed with students that had the same goals I did. By being in this program I got reinforced many times the thought of me going to college is possible, This all resulted in me really thinking that no matter what I was going to go to college. Although I moved from Palmdale, which did have AVID, to the San Fernando Valley, which did not have AVID, I made the action of looking for other programs that were going to help me get to college, I seeked out and found the Upward Bound Program.  I make this all sound like my journey to college was a breeze, but, i did has personal obstacles I had to deal with while trying to balance my academics. But, ultimately I can really say that it was because of both my AVID family and Upward Bound family that I am now in college, I cannot imagine going through taking the correct course, entrance exams, researching different institutions and filling out financial aid with out them.