Who am I online, who are you online?

With so people making fake profiles,the increase in which many companies asking for your social media name  it is really important to make sure your digital identity shows your personality but also presents you in a professional matter. With that being said, what is a digital identity? Its how you present yourself to not only the online world but also people who choose to view your profile for different reasons. Ever since I was in high school, teachers and counselors have told me that I should be careful with what I post because in the long run it can hurt me if I were to put anything inappropriate. Since then I have always thought twice about what I choose to submit on my social media, sometimes it is hard because I consider twitter to be my online diary, and I cannot just always put is on my mind. Which takes me another point, are people always who they portray themselves to be online? Everyone has their own answer to that, but I think that we either do not really know everything about person or we know to much.

The statement from the video that probably should not had surprised but I guess it did because I actually heard someone my age say was “In plenty of job descriptions it will say we got the right to search you…”  But in the readings, Protecting Your Online Reputation: 4 Things You Need to Know [INFOGRAPHIC], what surprised me was that 78% of of recruiters check search engines to get more information on potential employees. I knew that companies and recruiters do this, I just did not know that the statistic was that high.

The fact that I am in a leadership gets impacted by digital presence is that my supervisor/coordinator does have to know what type of person I am before I am volunteer and educate children, she is going to have to make sure I am not going to tell children anything in appropriate.

I plan to to create a more positive identity by still continuing to think twice about what I choose to post on social media; ex, what I tweet about, what I like on Instagram and Facebook. Also, I will post more stuff about the things that keep more positive, share my perspective about my love and passion for education, and promote myself in the best way I can.

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  1. Jennifer.burkhard

    Your plan to create a positive identity is good but basic, and general. Maybe you could start a blog about your volunteer opportunities. Or maybe you start one about teaching if that is what you want to do. It is good that others have told you to be aware of what you posted. Not everyone had someone give that advice.

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